How to Make Press-On Nails
Last Longer

Over the past couple of years, press-on nails have taken the beauty world by storm. Just scroll through social media, and you’ll see influencers and even celebrities raving about them. Why? They’re affordable, easy to use, and don’t damage your nails like some nail polishes can. Plus, they’re a quick fix for a fabulous look. Now, diving into the basics: press-on nails are fake nails that you can stick onto your real ones. They come in various designs and colors and can last up to two weeks if you put them on right. But be careful; if you don’t apply them properly, they might just pop off in a few days. So, if you want to make your press-on nails last longer, make sure you follow the application tips closely! That is what this blog will talk about.

24-Piece Stiletto Press On Nails in Black and Light Pink with Letters and Fire Nail Art

High Quality Press-On Nails

Cheap press-on nails sometimes compromise quality, even longevity and durability. Want a manicure that stands the test of time? It all starts with picking the crème de la crème of products. The best press-on nails are like the perfect pair of jeans – sturdy yet flexible enough to tailor to your liking. 

Nail Liquid Glue, Solid Glue or Sticky Tabs?

1. Liquid Nail Gel

The MVP of staying power! If you’re looking for a bond that’s last your press-on nails longest, liquid nail gel is your go-to. But not all are created equal. Opt for one that dries in a jiffy and holds on like a champ.

Enter the world of high-tech nail glam! This adhesive requires a UV/LED Nail Gel Light – the same fancy tool nail salons swear by. If you’re thinking of going this route, you might need to invest in one of these lights. Prices vary, but they typically range from a few tens to a hundred bucks.

3. Sticky Tabs

The third one is sticky tabs. While they might not have the staying power of both liquid and solid glue (even the best ones max out at about a week), they can still a good choice for you. They’re gentle on your nails. Think of them as the comfy sneakers of nail adhesives. Plus, their “shortcoming” is actually a blessing in disguise. You can switch up your nail game almost daily without a worry in the world!

The Flip Side:

Stronger isn’t always better. The mightier the adhesive, the tougher it can be on your natural nails. In the gentleness department, sticky tabs take the crown. They’re easy to peel off, and their “weakness” means you can play around with different styles without stressing over nail damage. UV Solid Nail Gel takes the middle ground. But Liquid Gel, despite its stellar staying power, can leave residues and can be a bit rough on your nails. If you’re a die-hard liquid glue fan, just remember to give your nails some ‘Tender Loving Care‘.

Size Matters, Trust Us

Imagine wearing shoes that are too big or too small. Uncomfortable, right? The same goes for press-on nails. Take a minute to measure your nails using a soft tape and grab a set that’s just right. If they don’t fit like a glove, you might find yourself reapplying sooner than you’d like.

Pick What Suits Your Hustle

Image this scenario: You are wearing a long coffin nails or pointy stiletto press-on nails when you wash dishes, type on your laptop, do yoga exercises or play guitar ect. Awkward!  So you should think about your day-to-day. If you’re the hands-on type, dramatic nails might not be your best friend. But if you’re more into the glam life, go all out! The key is to choose a shape that matches your daily grind.

How you apply them is just as crucial for longevity.

1. Pick and Compare

Pick each nail piece for your each finger. Use a nail file to trim the nail piece a bit if the edge doesn’t suits enough.

2. Buff, Clean and Let Nails Dry Out

Use a cuticle stick to push the cuticle back, and trim the cuticle with a trimmer, to make the seam between the press-ons and your natural nails look seamless. Clean the surface of your nail with an alcohol pad and let it totally dry out. 

3. Apply Base Coat if You Use Gel

A top-notch base coat does more than just prep your nails. It acts as a protective shield between the glue and your natural nail. And guess what? Some even come infused with vitamins and minerals to nourish your nails. But if you’re using sticky tabs, feel free to give this step a skip!

4. Practical Advice for Sticky Tab

Choose a suitable sticky tab and always remember to stick the tab onto your natural nail first, before pressing on the artificial nail. Don’t ask why, just trust the process! Countless nail fans swear by this odd but oh-so-effective trick. It’s one of those weirdly wonderful tricks that keeps your manicure on point for longer! And don’t forget to press out the air bubble.

5. Another Trick Many Tend to Overlook

Position your press-on nail at a 45-degree angle, starting just 1mm away from the skin at the base of your natural nail, instead of just slapping it on. Then, gently press it down. This small trick helps minimize those pesky air bubbles between the nail and the adhesive. Its’ especially important if you’re using sticky tabs! And press on them for a while.

6. Keep Away from Water for 3 Hours

Keep your new-applied press on nails away from water for at least 3 hours. During the time, guess what, your body heat will make the adhesion stickier!

Top Coat As You Choose

After nailing those steps, you’ve got yourself a stunning and long-lasting press-on manicure! But hey, if you’re aiming for that extra dazzle and shine, consider sealing the deal with a layer of Top Coat. It’s like the cherry on top for your fabulous nails!

And there you have it, beauties! A flawless press-on manicure that not only looks good but lasts. But remember, all good things must come to an end, and when it’s time to bid adieu to your fabulous nails, we’ve got you covered. Dive into our next blog: How to Remove Your Press-On Nails for a smooth and nail-friendly transition. Keep shining and see you there! 

If you’re feeling inspired to try out some new styles or need to restock your nail essentials, don’t hesitate to swing by our Shop All section. It’s a treasure trove of all things fabulous for your fingertips!